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Air Quality and Ventilation


Our ventilation risk assessment service ensures the safety and efficiency of your indoor air quality. Our experts analyze your premises, assessing ventilation systems, identifying potential risks, and proposing effective solutions. By mitigating hazards and optimizing airflow, we create healthier environments, safeguarding occupants from airborne pollutants and promoting overall well-being.

Why choose an Air Quality and Ventilation Assessment?

What is and Air Quality and Ventilation Assessment?

A ventilation risk assessment is required on this project to provide the client with sufficient information over the understanding of the operation, equipment, air quality and if any potential improvement can be made to make the system fit for purpose i.e.. functional, safe and with improved energy efficiency.

How does it work?

Ventilation Risk Survey including air quality analysis and engineer mapping out ventilation system

  • Floor plan describing mechanical ventilation systems
  • Schematic diagram describing mechanical ventilation systems
  • Report analyzing current state of mechanical ventilation systems with suggested improvements

Case Study: BPHA

Global Building Environments Ventilation Risk Assessment Report

Example engineering details from a ventilation assessment. Drawn in Autodesk Revit by Global Building Environments. 

Need help?

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