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Willoughby Ecohome

Project Details

Client Name

Willoughby Ecohome


SAP10 Part L Compliance EPC Service


12 Dec 2023

In conclusion, the building received an EPC rating of A and was improved over the building regulations for:

Willoughby Ecohome - Achieving Sustainable Excellence with SAP10 Part L Compliance EPC Service

Client Profile
Willoughby Ecohome, a forward-thinking property developer committed to sustainability and energy efficiency, approached us with a vision to create a cutting-edge, eco-friendly residence. The client's objective was clear: to achieve the lowest possible energy consumption and carbon emissions while maintaining a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing living space.

Project Overview
Our team at GBE took on the challenge and embarked on a comprehensive SAP10 Part L Compliance EPC service for Willoughby Ecohome. The aim was not only to meet the regulatory requirements but to exceed them by integrating innovative technologies and sustainable practices.

Key Technologies and Features

1. Air-Source Heat Pump:

The primary heating system was revolutionized with an air-source heat pump, ensuring efficient and eco-friendly heat production for the entire home.

2. Solar Panels and Batteries:

Harnessing the power of the sun, solar panels were strategically installed to generate clean energy, complemented by battery storage for optimal energy management.

3. myenergi Eddy System

This intelligent system played a pivotal role in heat distribution and energy management, enhancing the overall efficiency of the heating system.

4. Building Fabric Excellence:

To achieve exceptional insulation, triple glazing and PIR insulation were incorporated, ensuring very low U-values and minimizing thermal loss.

Thoughtful Product Selection:
We collaborated closely with Willoughby Ecohome in the selection of materials and products to ensure they aligned with the client's preferences and budget. The integration of sustainable solutions didn't compromise the aesthetic appeal of the building, creating a harmonious blend of form and function.

Comprehensive MEP Engineering Services:
Every aspect of Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) engineering services was meticulously planned to maximize the value of the asset for the client. This included:
- Underfloor Heating: Ensuring comfort with an energy-efficient underfloor heating system.
- Smart Heating Control: Employing cutting-edge technology for precise control and energy optimization.
- Lighting Scheme: Implementing an intelligent lighting design to enhance both efficiency and ambiance.
- Security, Intruder Alarm, and Access Control: Integrating top-notch security measures for the safety of the residents.

The Willoughby Ecohome now stands as a testament to sustainable living without compromising on luxury and comfort. The SAP10 Part L Compliance EPC service not only ensured regulatory compliance but surpassed expectations, creating an eco-friendly haven that significantly reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Client Testimonial:
"We are thrilled with the results achieved by GBE. Their dedication to sustainability, innovative solutions, and attention to detail have made Willoughby Ecohome a showcase of modern, eco-friendly living. The collaboration was seamless, and the outcome exceeded our expectations."

The Willoughby Ecohome case exemplifies how a holistic approach to sustainable design, innovative technologies, and thoughtful collaboration can lead to the creation of a residence that not only meets but surpasses environmental standards.