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Commercial EPC (SBEM)

What is a Commercial EPC?

If you are renting, selling or building a new commercial premises, you need a Non-domestic EPC.  EPCs last for 10 years from submittal.

An NDEA (Non-Domestic Energy Assesor) will assess the energy outputs of your building and use the calculation model SBEM to produce your Regulation Compliance Report and EPC. 

How Does it Work:

  • 1.

    SBEM model - Model the building using SBEM software based on the design drawings provided by the team or a survey undertaken on an existing building.

  • 2.

    SAP/SBEM calculations - to demonstrate that the DER is no greater than the calculated TER.  

  • 3.

    Regulations compliance consultancy - review existing building services design and provide sufficient statements to inform building control officers that the building fabric and building services are compliant.  

  • 4.

    Solar gains assessment - Calculations to that appropriate passive solar measures have been made to reduce summertime solar gains.   

  • 5.

    Remediation - in the event of a failure in any of these criteria, provide guidance to the design team on how to remediate and ensure compliance.   

  • 6.

    Draft EPC - the issue of a draft EPC if required for marketing purposes.  

  • 7.

    As built stage - upgrade the above work to an As Built SAP calculation upon completion of the build.  

Why us?

Dedicated, knowledgable, experienced engineers will undertake the energy calculations of your asset and ultimately generate your compliance documentation.