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Case Study: Treetops Hospice Derby

Project Details

Client Name

Treetops Hospice


Energy Calculations and Thermal Modelling


23 Aug 2023

In conclusion, the building received an EPC rating of A and was improved over the building regulations for:

Carbon Emission Rate Reduced by

by 51% (equivalent 579kgCO2/yr)

Energy Consumption Reduction

by 47% - 6,633kWh/yr - £1,990/yr reduction in energy bills

GBE's Contribution to Treetops Hospice: Enhancing Energy Efficiency and Safety for BBC DIY SOS Children in Need

In a heartwarming endeavor for a great cause, the Global Group MEP and Sustainability Engineering division (GBE) recently completed a remarkable project at Treetops Hospice. This endeavor was undertaken pro bono for Children in Need, highlighting GBE's commitment to giving back to the community.

One of the key aspects of this project was the meticulous calculation of energy and thermal data, which proved instrumental in ensuring the hospice's compliance with Building Regulations Approved Document Part L. This regulatory requirement mandates that a commercial new-build structure must possess a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

Generating an EPC involves employing advanced energy modeling techniques, and for Treetops Hospice, iSBEM (Simplified Building Energy Model) software was the tool of choice. This software ingeniously incorporates the building's architectural features and energy-consuming systems into its calculations, enabling the determination of critical metrics such as the primary energy rate (kWh/yr) and CO2 emission rate (kg/CO2/yr).

The crux of this energy modeling exercise lies in ensuring that the building emission rate (BER) falls below the target emission rate (TER) set for a notional building derived from the calculation. Meeting this criterion guarantees Part L compliance and the issuance of a valid EPC.

The data collected during this modeling effort, including the energy rate (kWh) and CO2 emission rate (kg/CO2/yr), provides tangible figures that can be fine-tuned through building improvements. GBE meticulously analyzed the results and provided insightful recommendations for further enhancements, such as:

Shading Options

Low-e glass, dark blinds and pagodas

Improved Hot water Generation

Integrating the hot water generation system with the heat pump, to avoid using electric point of use water heaters

Thermal Modelling Calculations

Providing thermal modelling calculations, to accurately assess the heating and cooling loads of the buildings, to ensure the heat emitters and heat pumps were sized correctly for this application.

The culmination of these efforts was truly impressive. Treetops Hospice received an exceptional EPC rating of 'A,' surpassing the building regulations by a substantial margin.

These achievements stand as a testament to the effectiveness of the Simplified Building Energy Modelling calculation used for Building Regulations Approved Document Part L compliance.

But the project didn't stop at energy efficiency alone. GBE's commitment to comprehensive safety was evident through their concurrent involvement in fire engineering consultancy. They meticulously reviewed the fire strategy, escape routes, construction details, materials, and equipment to ensure the building complied with current fire safety legislation.

In summary, Global Group's multidisciplinary engineering consultancy expertly coordinated safety and energy designs, resulting in a building that not only adheres to stringent regulations but is also environmentally friendly. This project exemplifies GBE's dedication to creating safe and welcoming spaces, where children can flourish and Treetops staff can carry out their invaluable work.